Friday, June 4, 2021

The King and his monkey

Sharing a short story this week, enjoy!!

Once upon a time there was a king. Like all kings he was great, powerful and whimsical. He had a pet monkey. His favourite. He was with the king at all times, the king used to enjoy the antics of the monkey and keep himself entertained. Everyone knew about the special position of the monkey in the king’s heart and the monkey basked in his masters attention and the privilege of being the special one.

One day, after a scrumptious lunch, it was nap time for the king. However there was a little problem - a fly. Every time the king started snoozing, the fly would come and sit on the kings nose disturbing his siesta. The fly was very persistent, this happened many times. The king was very irritated. The monkey was even more irritated and decided to teach the fly a lesson. The next time the fly came and sat on the kings face, the monkey hit it with a sword with all his might. End of story, for the king. For us, there are some lessons from this tragic story.

Every king has a monkey. As long as it is for entertainment, it is cool.

Problems arise when the monkey and those around him start taking the monkeys seriously.

Small problems can be ignored if monkeys are not around.

Monkeys with power lead to tragedies, sooner or later.

For all the kings, identify the monkeys and keep them in check.

For all the monkeys, stick to your natural talent of keeping your masters entertained and don’t take yourself too seriously.

For the others – if you see a king and the monkey together, don’t hesitate to tell the king, if you really love him and want him to be around.

You see, even the best intentions can lead to tragic outcomes.       

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

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