Friday, October 21, 2022

A Tribute To Dhanvantri - The Healer Of Gods

On this pious occasion of Dhanteras, I take this opportunity to wish you and all loved ones a life full of good health, great wealth, happiness, prosperity and the love of near and dear ones. Happy Dhanteras and Happy Diwali.

Today we also pray to Dhanvantri, the healer of the gods and the one who gave the knowledge of Ayurveda to us. An excellent surgeon and the master of Ayurveda, he has the powers of quick healing, long life and forever youthfulness, he carries the pot of “Amrit” with him.

 While all of us know “health is wealth” it is interesting to pause and understand the meaning and significance of the name “Dhanvantri” just to reinforce that good health is indeed a great blessing. Wealth, if lost, can be regained. Not health. Trading health for wealth is a sure – lose bet.

Once again on this auspicious day, I wish and pray that the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati keep showering us with their blessings and Dhanvantri to bless us with great health too.

Take care, stay safe and have a great festive season.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Your Discomfort Zone

Most of us need an external stimulus to do our best work.

It helps to have an alarm clock if you want to get out of bed before dawn.

A presentation. A deadline. A live performance. The threat of foreclosure, an upcoming review or some sort of crisis.

We can use these pressures to dig deeper, find new resources and overcome our self doubt.

The challenge is that sometimes, we pick the wrong stimulus. We choose a prompt to serve us, but we end up serving it, in a situation that hurts us (and others) instead of fuelling the work.

It’s essential to realize that our discomfort zone is a choice, there isn’t a pre-ordained roster. If you need a deadline, for example, but have discovered that those deadlines are costing you money (because shortcuts are expensive), then it’s worth doing the hard work to find a new form of discomfort.

The problem with a drop-dead deadline is that if you miss it, you’re dead.

If you need to make huge promises and add all sorts of hype, but that hype is hurting your reputation, again, it’s worth investing in a new way to poke yourself to dig deeper.

When we hear about divas, or dysfunctional managers, more often than not we see a situation where someone who should know better has chosen the wrong form of discomfort.

The argument can be made that the biggest difference between a professional, an amateur and someone who’s not even participating is their choice of discomfort.

Give it a name, call it out. Your discomfort zone is a choice, and if it’s not serving you, fix it.

Like all tools, the right one serves the professional.

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