Friday, January 1, 2021

What Are You Looking For?

As we get into the new year and a new decade, it is as good a time as any to sit back and think on our goals and aspirations. What are we looking for? How are we going about to get it? How will we feel once we get there? What will we do once we get what we are looking for, as it is a journey and not a destination? We can be looking for status, wealth, happiness, power, creating a social impact, meaning, bliss, social circle, knowledge, health, our definition of a perfect life and what not - there is no judgement here. Anything that makes us happy and gives us energy to go after it will do.  

People who are looking for meaning in their lives eventually get it. People who are looking for purpose conduct their lives accordingly, it is perfectly ok to have different purpose to suit the stages of our lives and where we currently are in the journey. Only thing we need to look out for is that over the medium term, we should be moving forward. Setbacks are a part of the package, testing us for how strong is our will and commitment. People who are looking for trouble get into it, too often. People who are looking to get outraged find their community in twitter 😊

All of us are smart with lots of drive and we will ultimately get what we are looking for. We will also ultimately keep only as much as we deserve. So plan well, execute well, be prepared for both headwinds and tailwinds and along the way, get capable to retain what you get.

Wishing you a very happy, prosperous, meaningful and healthy decade ahead.


  1. Good morning KD.. thanks for sharing such wonderful thought on new year 😊

  2. keep writing and sharing your words of wisdom !!

    1. Thank you for finding wisdom in them. One gets what they are looking for:-)