Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wishing you a riot of colours in your life

What would our life be without colours? We have a colour for every mood and occasion. It is apt that a culture as old as us celebrates colours by the way of a festival – Holi. No other festival in the world comes close to Holi with its gaiety and multitude of colours.
Colours are everywhere we see, an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. Colours mix with each other to create new ones – sometimes without losing their individuality and sometimes while losing their essence creating something totally new.
Nature is at its imaginative best while using colours – look at the range of colours in the plants and animals around us and the complexities while these colours interact with each other to create patterns that only mother nature can think of.
Other than mother nature, women make the best use of colours. Yes, more than even artists. They use it for looking good, in their garments, while they cook and even dictate the colours of the home.
Companies also spend a lot of money to create logos with various designs and colours so that their names and products are identifiable in a clutter of competitors.
Would food and drinks be as appealing without their varied hues?
What would our power point presentations be without the colours that we us to make them appealing?
What use are traffic signals if we didn’t have colours in them
What use are the spices with only their flavours and bereft of their colours?
TV’s and smart phones – imagine them only black & white
Colour brings diversity, through skin colours for example, while also brings universality – the colour of blood is the same – in humans and animals alike.
Our mood also dictates the choice of colours – “feeling blue” and “green with envy” are expressions that need no further elaborating.
What I like the best about colours is that while they are individually different, they come together to form the best and purest of them – white. I wish the same for our lives – may various vibrant colours come together to deliver peace and harmony that we so desperately need.
Let this holi bring all that is colourful and joyful in our lives.
Happy Holi!!