Saturday, January 4, 2014

Build on the momentum – the right thing to do for the BJP

The results of the recently held state elections proved a few things beyond any doubt –
1.       If the elections are a referendum of who should be India’s PM then the clear winner will be NAMO.
2.       There is an anti Congress wave in the country – which party benefits from the same remains to be seen.
3.       Agenda for clean and effective governance will find a lot of takers – the emergence of AAP should be seen in this context.
4.       The coverage of the election results gave a feeling that the national media is still reserved in its acknowledgement of NAMO.
5.       Most importantly, Congress will do anything to retain power at the centre – either directly or indirectly (refer the current Delhi government).
Given the above it is very important for the BJP to come together strongly and project a united front to make sure that it builds on the momentum that it has generated. Unfortunately, it seems to be doing its best to shoot itself in the foot. Refer to the grand old man’s statement that the mandate refers to the good work done by the regional leaders/chief ministers. I am sure that the statement was made in some context but if you know the bias of the media, why give them a chance by making such statements?
Here is what the BJP should have done (and can still do) to build on the momentum –
1.       Call a national level meeting to celebrate the good performance in the state elections.
2.       Felicitate the state leaders in the meeting.
3.       Call the erstwhile NDA and fresh allies to join the next government.
4.       Let the national and state leaders (including Advaniji) call for making NAMO the PM of the country.
5.       Let NAMO use the forum to declare that he will not rest until he delivers a Congress (corruption) mukt Bharat.
6.       Let the cadre and supporters take an oath to say that they will not rest until the dreams of their senior leaders are fulfilled.
I am certain that NaMo on his own will deliver big for the BJP but if the above is done it will make the task easier and the results much better. This election is for the BJP to make into a close contest from a no contest and they seem to be doing the same. The momentum is clearly with them, it just needs some smart planning and execution to deliver a result that will leave the critics astounded.
As promised, next week I will write on the policies of the AAP and hope that they take a U turn from the current destructive journey that they have embarked on.

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