Saturday, January 18, 2014

The best man to lead the country

This year we will vote for the man who would lead the country for the next 5 years. When I say the next 5 years I am hoping that we as a country will vote for a decisive mandate to the most deserving candidate. The choice seems to be between Mr Narendra Modi (NaMo), Mr Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) and Mr Arvind Kejriwal (AK). I am leaving out the other hopefuls like Miss Mayawati, Mamta Di, Mr Patnaik or Mr Nitish Kumar as this year their chances look slim, they will have to nurse their dreams a little longer.
It is heartening to note that this election has become about the PM candidate and not for the respective parties. In the week that has passed since my last blog the Congress has decided not to name their PM candidate. This is a foolish move in my view and I bet they will find another Manmohan Singh to name as their PM candidate before the elections are over. The “model” of the family holding all the power and a puppet becoming PM serves them well. Doesn’t matter if this model has badly hurt the country, it serves the first family very well.
Till now the debates had been NaMo vs RaGa and the result of the debates were causing serious acidity troubles to the Congress loyalists (mind you, there still are many in spite of the overwhelming anger against them). Enter AK. Out of nowhere he has arrived at the scene and captured the imagination of the people with his simple message and accessibility. In the process he has broken the notions that elections in India cannot be fought without money and muscle power and that it is very difficult for newcomers to shake things up.
Let us go through the credentials of all these candidates and see which one is the best suited for the top job. No emotion, no hysteria, just plain facts and qualifications to help us in making our decision.
Name – Narendra Damodrdas Modi
Age – 63 years (17 Sep 1950)
Educational Qualifications – Masters degree in Political Science from Gujarat University
Track record – Outstanding. Stupendous. Has delivered growth and governance.
Promise – Governance and Growth. Taking India to its rightful place in the world order.
Family Background – Was born in a grocer family, the third of 6 children.
Work Experience –
Has been working from an early age, famously as a chaiwalla
Became an RSS member at a young age
Rose through the ranks of the BJP becoming the CM of Gujarat and the PM candidate of the BJP
Media Score –
Was written off earlier but the momentum that he is generating has led to the blunting of the attack on him
Claim to fame –
Has been the longest serving CM of Gujarat, serving his 4th term currently
What’s at stake –
Everything. If he fails to deliver the 272 Lok Sabha seats for the BJP then expect a clamour from within his own party to even throw him out of Gujarat.
Proverbial “destiny’s child”
Name – Arvind Kejriwal
Age – 46 years (16 Aug 1968)
Educational Qualifications – Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur
Track Record – Outstanding as a leader to start a political party and become the CM. Poor as a CM.
Promise – Corruption free governance, power back to the people
Family Background – was born in a well educated family, has 2 siblings
Work Experience
Worked for Tata Steel for 4 years and about 10 years in the Income Tax Department
Media Score –
Is a darling of the media, am intrigues to note that the media is always present in full strength at all the places that he visits.
Claim to fame –
Was a prominent face of the Anna Hazare movement, came from nowhere to become the CM of Delhi, holds the promise to deliver corruption free government and give power back to the people 
What’s at stake - 
Not much, still has a lot of time on hands, need to deliver in Delhi
Proverbial “underdog”
Name – Rahul Rajiv Gandhi (although Subramanium Swamy disputes that)
Age – 44 years (19 June 1970)
Educational Qualifications – Degrees in internal relations and philosophy from universities of Rollins & Cambridge
Track record – None. Who needs it when you have a famous last name.
Promise - Socialism
Family Background –No need to explain who he is
Work experience – Has been an MP for the past 10 years, the constituency he represents in UP is one of the most backward in the country.
Media Score – The media has been very kind to him. You tube has many videos which if someone else would have said would have created a storm.
Claim to fame
Great Grand Dad, Grand Mom, Dad sacrificed a lot for the country.  The royal blue blood of the Nehru family runs in his veins. Has been totally ineffective in reviving the fortunes of the Congress whenever he has campaigned for elections
Proverbial “man with the golden spoon”
It becomes abundantly clear from this that NaMo is the man to lead the country, there cannot be any comparison between the candidates. But then his opponents also have serious things to say against him. 
Next week we will examine the major charges against NaMo and see if they hold up.

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