Sunday, January 15, 2023

Limitless On Disney Hotstar

Friends – this time a recommendation of a series called Limitless starring Chris Hemsworth and longevity expert Dr Peter Attia. Why this series? Because both Chris and Peter are my favorite’s and the idea of this mail to share with you the things that would be of interest to this special group. For those who may not know, Chris plays Thor in the Marvel superhero franchise – the demi god who totally looks the part. It was a very brave decision on his part to be a part of the series and accept tasks that are challenging even to the demi god, who is arguably in the best shape of his life. Peter is a longevity expert who focuses on maximizing the life span (his target – to give his clients a good chance of being a centenarian) and health span (living those 100 years actively). I have been following his podcast for about 4 years now and it covers a wide variety of topics with a variety of subject matter experts. You can find it as “The Drive By Dr Peter Attia” wherever you listen to podcasts. With the library of more than 230 podcasts, you can choose a subject and guest that sounds interesting and give it a try – it has a lot of value. These sentences in the introduction to the series best describe what to expect - “combat aging and realize the full potential of the human body” and “living better for longer” The series has 6 episodes – Stress, Shock, Fasting, Strength, Memory and Acceptance. Each one is independent and you can start with the one that you find most interesting. While all of them are absolute gems, I really enjoyed the ones on Fasting, Shock and Acceptance. Each episode is about 50 mins. The series was planned to go on shoot just before Covid hit and Chris had originally given 10 days of his calendar for this. The team made full use of the lockdown and the final product in scope and impact is much larger than was originally planned. I hope you will find the time to indulge yourselves in Limitless, I look forward to hearing from you on the episodes you found to be most interesting. Trailer - Dr Attia Website –

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