Thursday, August 11, 2022

India @ 75 - Looking Ahead

We have seen it all - from our glorious history of thousands of years to the invaders and occupiers who left us broken, divided and poor. To the current position of almost a 3 trillion dollar economy and the engine of global growth, we have indeed come a long way. I am really looking forward to our journey towards a 10 trillion dollar economy and the third largest economy in the world. Let’s look at how we can make this journey smoother and faster.

Embrace Make In India

Let us start demanding only make in India products. Don’t look at the cynics who will point out that imports have gone up after the “Make In India” campaign was launched. Other countries have a 30 year head start over us. We will catch up with them. It is simple demand and supply. If we demand “Made In India” the supply will come.

It will mean more investments, more jobs, saving of forex and hopefully more exports down the line. Our large size means we have a large domestic market and because of that, large corporates will come and make here for the local and global markets.

Make All Payments Digitally

The government needs to earn to be able to spend. No one likes to pay taxes, however its an obligation that we need to fulfill. We have a wonderful digital payment network. When all payments are made digitally, it is possible to track those and then tax the income. All payments, large and small, should be made digitally. Only when the overall tax collection up can the tax rate come down.   

Be Socially Aware

In our daily actions, keeping our localities clean, making sure all officials are doing their jobs, helping those who are less fortunate than us, offering help to those who need it, taking care of public property. Overall, taking our roles as citizens more seriously.

Exercising Our Franchise

Vote for the best candidate – not because of the freebies they have promised or because they are from our region/caste/community. Capability and experience of the person should precede all other considerations while voting.

Nurture The Indian Community

By helping each other and not being divided by the narrow regional identities which allowed outsiders to exploit us for hundreds of years.

Proud Of Our Past. Shaping Our Future

We are kind. We are great traders. We are simple people. Our country has assimilated the largest gold reserves in the world without having a gold mine or invading other countries. Just by trading our spices, garments and goods with other countries. We have an excellent past with our architecture, science, technology, medicine, arts and craft and religion. Our doctors, scientists, engineers, professionals are the best in the world. We are a young country. We work hard. We are smart. We save a lot. We have culture. We have yoga. The future is ours.

Also let us start demanding the below from our politicians, these hurdles need to be addressed -

Clean Up Of The Judicial System

Our judicial system has become a joke. There is no other way to describe the current state of affairs. The entire system needs an overhaul. The way we select our judges, the working hours and summer holidays of the courts, the manner in which cases can drag on for decades – everything needs to be changed.

In a working system the “fear of law” is the ultimate arbitrator of disputes. When two parties have a dispute, both believe they are right. However, in most cases, it is fair to assume that one of the parties realises it is wrong and hence, should be fearful of going to the court and paying a large penalty. In India, because the system does not work, the party at fault is not afraid of going to the court as they are relatively sure of decades passing before our system delivers “justice”.

Clean Up Political Funding

Till the time politicians see their election win as a way of “recouping their investment” we will not be able to achieve our destiny. There has to be a way for an honest person to fight elections and have a fair chance to win without being obligated to spend crores on getting a party's backing and then spending further crores for his campaign. Till the time this does not happen, the people sitting on a chair will exploit the system in every way they can.

A confident and young India is ready to take its rightful pace in the world, once again. We are indeed fortunate to witness this journey and play a part in fulfilling our destiny. Exciting times ahead.

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