Tuesday, August 20, 2013



"The two most important days in your life are the day when you were born- and the day you find out why"- Mark Twain.
Note: "Here" in this blog refers to our world.

The previous week was my birthday, a lot of holidays and the time spent with loved ones allowed me to be philosophical and ask myself the above stated question. Although it is a very difficult topic for me to even broach and I am sure the answers will be very difficult to come by, (if at all), it would still be worth my time (and yours) to put my thoughts on the table/(or the blog, in this case). I hope the readers will come up with better answers on their own and will be kind enough to share them with me.

To put the question in perpective again- Why Are We Here, What Are We Here For? My beloved Guru's teachings tell me that all souls take birth to fulfill a certain purpose in life. The ones with good Karma can choose its parents while the others are not so lucky. A select few do find out the answer to that question very early in their lives and become famous doing so. A kid develops a liking to a particular sport and becomes world champ, another kid develops a skill with a musical instrument and becomes a mastero- I am sure there are many others who are not so famous but make a far bigger contribution-doctors/engineers/scientists/priests/professors/teachers and many more!

A very few are able to see the path they are suppose to walk on-let alone walk it. As for me, I am not sure what I am here for and I do hope that I am able to find out soon and am able to do my biding. So what to do until the 'Inspiration' strikes me to reveal my true calling? And how will I know?-borrowing from the movie 'Dil Toh Pagal Hai'- would a lightening strike/ shooting star fall/bell chime for me to know? I will just know I guess-maybe its like falling in love. In the meanwhile I should just try to make a difference in some lives. Thanks to the internet, I came across a lot of nice thoughts and some of which have stuck in my mind and are relevant here- Helping total strangers, Random act of Kindness, Doing a favor to someone you know who will never be able to repay you, a word of encouragement to those who need it, a silent prayer for those who you cannot directly help. There are numerous things that can be done, and I guess, everything counts.

In the end- again to borrow are of my favs- if we are able to leave the world a better place than what we found it- I think we would have contributed! If what Rajesh Khanna says in 'Anand' is true- if the world is indeed a 'Raangmanch' for us 'Kalakaars' to play a part in- it doesn't matter if I don't have the lead role or even a significant role. I just have to play my part well. Since our time here is limited and we don't know exactly how much we have (more on that in a different blog) it is imperative for us to deliver a superlative performance- nothing less would be acceptable.

Next week- I haven't finalized a topic yet- although I can assure you that I have more than three months of thoughts in my mind at this point of time-- which one will I present? Well, I will wait for the "Inspiration" to decide.

 As always do write in to share your thoughts.

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